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Turning Unexpected Corners-Maritime Marzipan

Busy weeks offer new business opportunities 2018 has quickly taken a productive turn for us. Slow is over. Currently, we are spending every weekend working away at our new business. And that’s on top of Mike dedicating his weekdays to Maritime as well, while I am at my day job. Don’t get me wrong. No complaints. We knew that that’s…

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Beating the Winter Blues-Maritime Marzipan

Getting through the slow months of the year After our exciting launch month in December, which also happened to be the holiday month when lots of people buy gifts and chocolates, and traditionally bake with marzipan, our sales slowed down a little. I guess all those New Year’s resolutions aren’t helping the confectionery business either! To all those dieting folks…

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Getting Down to Business

The legalities behind starting a food business After all the fun of idea development and logo invention it was time for some serious business: getting the paperwork in place to legally sell our marzipan. Luckily Mike has a background in finance and, as an experienced entrepreneur, a lot of expertise with respect to legal business requirements. For us, it all…

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