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Construction at GM salmon facility in Rollo Bay proceeding as planned The summer of 2017 was a hot one in PEI, not only weather-wise but also opinion-wise, when it came to the provincial government’s approval for AquaBounty Technologies’ expansion of their Rollo Bay facility. The company’s plan is to commercially grow salmon from genetically modified eggs to market size. The…

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Food + Technology

Technology is reshaping what and how we eat in big ways Innovations are popping up all over the world that will allow us to connect with our food in new ways in 2017. From virtual grocery shopping to creating meal plans based on our DNA, it’s clear that food and technology have become fundamentally linked. Major kitchen appliance manufacturers have…

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What’s on the menu

It used to be a thing that the society pages in our local papers were not as concerned with celebrities as they are now (although royalty featured prominently); they were far more egalitarian. They mostly concerned with who was visiting whom, where they were visiting from, and who was hosting wedding showers and afternoon teas. A lot of the names…

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