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Fishing Industry Buoys Up the Arts

PEI Fishermen’s Association gets behind theatrical production, Glenda’s Kitchen, to raise awareness of the Island fishery

Seafood chowder and butter biscuits. Storytelling and singing. Each of these quintessential Island pairings is a treat unto itself, but blend them together and you’ve got the recipe for a perfect afternoon filled with heart and hearty goodness. Glenda’s Kitchen, a production of The Charlottetown Festival, was first served up to audiences in 2016 and is back for a second…

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The Constant Evolution of Canada’s Food Guide

From wartime rationing to healthy eating; our country’s official food rules strive to stay relevant. Whether it’s a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, a health scare, or simply a desire to improve one’s eating habits, many people turn to Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating (the food guide) for guidance on what and how much to eat. Although many…

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What’s on the menu

It used to be a thing that the society pages in our local papers were not as concerned with celebrities as they are now (although royalty featured prominently); they were far more egalitarian. They mostly concerned with who was visiting whom, where they were visiting from, and who was hosting wedding showers and afternoon teas. A lot of the names…

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First Nations Fishery Thriving on PEI

Steady growth within the fishing community spawns employment, infrastructure, and commercial development In under two decades Lennox Island and Abegweit First Nations have created a multi-million dollar fishery supporting more than a hundred jobs. As with most PEI fishing communities, lobster is the linchpin. The lobster fishery alone, with two or more persons per boat, provides about a hundred jobs…

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What’s on the Menu

A dig through the food archives reveals what people were eating a century ago A number of years ago I was going through some old shoe boxes that my recently-deceased grandmother had stored away. Among the other bits and pieces of recipes cards, photos, loose buttons, and other musty/minty smelling memorabilia was a menu card from a military Christmas dinner…

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