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Food Trucks Roll on P.E.I.

Wheels have started to turn a little faster for the Island food truck scene

When people think of dining on PEI, they might think of lobster suppers, eclectic rural eateries, and our ever-growing restaurant scene. But food trucks are catching the attention of the hungry diner, and wheeled-meals are making their mark on the Island foodscape. Many food truck vendors offer fried foods including fries, of course, and other common menu items like burgers,…

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Fishing Industry Buoys Up the Arts

PEI Fishermen’s Association gets behind theatrical production, Glenda’s Kitchen, to raise awareness of the Island fishery

Seafood chowder and butter biscuits. Storytelling and singing. Each of these quintessential Island pairings is a treat unto itself, but blend them together and you’ve got the recipe for a perfect afternoon filled with heart and hearty goodness. Glenda’s Kitchen, a production of The Charlottetown Festival, was first served up to audiences in 2016 and is back for a second…

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Tasting Our Coastal Cuisine

Fall Flavours Festival highlights three communities with a new event series

From shipbuilding to lobster fishing, seaweed harvesting and lighthouse-keeping, the waters that hug our gorgeous sandbar have profoundly shaped every aspect of Island life. And the coastal communities that were born from the first outposts of PEI’s Acadian and European settlers still remain integral to the Island way of life, our culture, our economy, and, of course, our food. This…

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Outstanding in the Field

Potato fields. These swaths of lush, green carpet are an enduring part of the Island’s pastoral, patchwork landscape that visitors and Islanders typically enjoy passively, as sightseers driving by or flying above. On August 26th, however, a humble potato field in Victoria-by-the-Sea will be transformed into an intimate dining space for Atlantic Canada’s first-ever Outstanding in the Field (OITF) dinner…

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Creating Community

Summerside’s Soul Soup offers free lunch program and weekly connection The act of coming together to share a meal is a longheld tradition shared the world over. To break bread around a table is to celebrate life and the commonalities we share. Over the past year, Soul Soup, hosted by the Summerside Church of the Nazarene, has been serving up…

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An Homage to Herbs

Adding zest to your garden and palate The unsung heroes of the culinary world, a cornerstone of traditional medicine, a dream come true for beginner gardeners and experienced farmers too – herbs are all of these things and more, yet they don’t often get the accolades they deserve. Most of us are familiar with the stars of the herb world…

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Feeling Just Dandy

Celebrating the humble dandelion, a wonder food not a weed While those who yearn for pristine green lawns may beg to differ, the dandelion is one of nature’s finest designs. From top to bottom, this hearty plant offers up plenty of delicious and healthy benefits. The cheery yellow tops can be collected when in full flower and turned into a…

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Just Some Good, Wholesome Food

Siblings launch Heatherdale Wholesome Goods line of organic products PEI’s organic food scene has scored a major win with the recent entry of Heatherdale Wholesome Goods to the local market. Heatherdale joins a growing number of Island farmers and producers providing consumers with organically-grown food products. This new kid on the block is unique in its product line. While shoppers…

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Food on a Budget

A frugal foodie with a hungry teenager I am a sole-support, single mother who feeds a growing 13-year-old boy on a budget. I am a frugal foodie. I also understand how important it is for my son Ivan to have healthy food options as he grows (and grows, and grows…). Food can be delicious without breaking the bank. Here are…

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The Little Island Kitchen: Cheese

At the risk of disagreeing with Jane Austen, poetry is not the food of love. The truth is far more simple: food is the food of love. We gather around tables and break bread together to do more than fill our bellies. Eating helps us commune and share with each other, creating understanding, friendship, and sometimes romance. This month I’m…

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