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Walk by the dairy section of any Prince Edward Island grocery store and you will easily find a wide range of local products on the shelves. And that, quite simply, is due to Atlantic Canada’s largest independent dairy cooperative, Amalgamated Dairy Limited (ADL). “Every single dairy farmer on PEI is a member of ADL,” Jamie MacPhail, marketing manager of ADL,…

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Jeff McCourt brings Glasgow Glen Farm back after disheartening fire in November 2017 It only takes a few moments of chatting with cheesemaker Jeff McCourt to sense his passion for both his Gouda cheese business and the local food movement that continues to gain momentum in PEI. Now in his fourth year of business in New Glasgow, the Glasgow Glen…

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The Little Island Kitchen: Cheese

At the risk of disagreeing with Jane Austen, poetry is not the food of love. The truth is far more simple: food is the food of love. We gather around tables and break bread together to do more than fill our bellies. Eating helps us commune and share with each other, creating understanding, friendship, and sometimes romance. This month I’m…

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