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Counting on our Antibiotics

Data is an important weapon in the fight against antimicrobial-resistant bacteria, but collection in the Atlantic provinces has stalled The global issue of antibiotic resistance, more accurately called antimicrobial resistance (AMR), can be overwhelming. Often people feel there’s nothing they can to do to change the situation one way or another. But with the severe impacts of AMR on human…

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National Cupcake Day

Have your cake and eat it too with the PEI Humane Society Whether you love to bake them, eat them or do both (that’s me!), there’s something about a cupcake that sets it apart from its counterparts – the slice of cake, the brownie, the cookie, the square.  Cupcakes are picture perfect pieces of heaven with just the right balance…

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Antibiotic Use in Canadian Livestock

Antimicrobial resistance not limited to prescription overuse in humans “Antimicrobial resistance continues to be a serious public health issue in Canada and internationally. Common and treatable infections may once again become deadly.” These are the first words in the introduction of the Public Health Agency of Canada’s report Canadian Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance System (CARSS) – Report 2016 published in September…

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