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I’ve created this rule about eating desserts at home: I will only eat them if I make them. This has led me to some great life hacks over the years. Chocolate mug cake mixes for life’s disasters? I’m ready. The best pancake dry mix to keep in my cupboard at all times for surprise guests? Handled. Where I always hit…

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Acadian Machine Works patented walk-behind machines fill a gap in the marketplace Wild blueberries weren’t a commodity that were readily apparent when the first settlers arrived in PEI, despite the crop being native to this Island for over 10,000 years. When brush fires ravaged fields after settlers cleared the land and left the landscape seemingly barren, the small berries—rich in…

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A celebration and a conversation about mental health in the restaurant industry On June 25, a group gathered on Victoria Row in Charlottetown for ‘Bourdain Day’. The gathering was both to honour Anthony Bourdain’s birthday and to open a conversation about mental health in the restaurant industry. Bourdain, a prolific chef, food writer, and TV personality tragically took his own…

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