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Fishing boats leaving the harbour to set their lobster traps

Setting Day

The long-anticipated lobster season opens May 1st Setting Day is upon us. For generations, Island fishermen have taken to the waters after months of preparation to set their first traps for lobster season. On Setting Day, which is May 1st in most parts of the Island, captains and their crews assemble on the wharf before anxiously boarding their comically weighed-down…

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Pier 15 at Fisherman’s Wharf

New owners reimagine the location’s full-service restaurant New owners of the Fisherman’s Wharf, Amy and Forbes MacPherson, are opening for the season on Mother’s Day, May 14th, 2017. To shake things up at the North Rustico hot spot, they’re putting some elbow grease into fine-tuning the location’s second restaurant, the newly-named Pier 15. Some may know the location as “the…

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Brewing Up a Passion for Beer

Homebrewing team, Green Willy & Co., creates award-winning Winter Warmer, Solstice A passion for beer is shared amongst many Islanders, but for Green Willy the love of beer is an all-consuming one that goes well beyond simply drinking the good stuff. This self-named homebrewing team comprised of Jonathan Green, William Panting, Clayton Harding, and Jaime Venturini has been fermenting and…

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Chef Emily Wells and her kitchen team

YouMeal Heads West

Meal delivery service expands to western PEI A delicious, chef-prepared meal waiting on your front porch when you arrive home from a long work day sounds like a dream right? Well, dream no more because meal delivery services, once the exclusive domain of big city-dwellers working on the high street, are now accessible on Prince Edward Island. YouMeal, one such…

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Of Land and Sea in the Age of Instagram

Island farmers and fishers are sharing their stories through social media, and people are eating it up What if today’s youth were inspired to consider a career in farming or fishing because today’s innovative farmers are sharing their experiences and livelihoods with the world in all their visual glory? A breathtaking view of an Island sunrise on the water, the…

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Chef Megan Beairsto of OpenEats

After four years of cooking up a storm in Twillingate, Newfoundland – Chef Megan Beairsto is back on the scene in Summerside, Prince Edward Island with a fresh twist on some of her grandmother’s best recipes and some modern creations of her own. I had a chance to catch up with her and learn more about the award-winning restaurant, OpenEats,…

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Everything Rotates – The Beer, Food and Tunes

Vinyl + an ever-changing craft beer selection + a rotating menu of $8 edibles – sound familiar? If so, you’ve probably already discovered Charlottetown’s newest dedicated craft brew bar, HopYard, which unveiled its unique triple threat this past May with hopes it would be a hit amongst locals and visitors. The bar is located on Kent Street in the former…

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