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The funny thing about bouillabaisse is that like a lot of ‘fancy’ foods it has a very humble upbringing. Think of oysters, snails, frogs’ legs, caviar: all these expensive foods started out as very affordable foods. Some were used to encourage drinking (oysters and caviar), others were little better than fertilizer (lobster), and some came to be on the dinner…

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what’s that food? What happens when you decide to experiment with a byproduct of your crops? For one Island farm, you end up with a unique and exclusive food that could potentially take the culinary world by storm. Black Pearls are a food product that came from thinking outside the box, taking the corms that grow on an Elephant Garlic…

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An early August hail and rain storm damaged crops and property across the Island. Hail the size of marbles to golf balls fell in the middle of a torrential downpour and caused havoc. Power outages also resulted in some restaurants having to close on a Friday night, typically a busy time for most. PEI Food Share has made changes to…

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