Monthly Archives : December 2016

Real Food Fake Food – Book Review

Not all food is created equal. This may seem obvious but as Larry Olmsted makes clear in his most recent book – Real Food/Fake Food – even food that seems “real” may indeed be “fake. The problem is not something that happens only when you compare Parmigiano-Reggiano with Cheez Whiz, but also when you compare that Parmigiano-Reggiano, created and aged…

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Bone Broth Brew

Bone broth packs a nutritious, delicious punch while reducing food waste. From the trendiest restaurants in Manhattan, to the wellness ads on your social media feed, the glory of bone broth is making itself known. Once the lot of home economists, bone broth is now on the radar for its savory flavor, versatility and health benefits. Simple to make, easy…

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Food Trends – Insects on your Dinner Plate

When tracking food trends, one can usually look to the fanciest of fine dining to see what may trickle down into our magazines, Pinterest boards, grocery shelves, and finally into our shopping carts. Insects, however, have been crawling along a different pathway to the centre of our plate. The insects-as-food trend was born out of necessity. The trend speaks to…

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